In the ‘what you should know about’ series I’ll explain some yoga slang. Today’s topic is the Sanskrit word asana. 

How to pronounce it:


What does it mean?

To sit comfortably. Yoga was originally a meditation practice and the only asanas were meditation poses such as sukasana (easy pose), vajrasana (thunderbolt pose) and padmasana (lotus pose).

In modern day yoga we use asana as a synonym for yoga posture.

How many asanas are there?

It depends on what you consider a yoga pose, but the numbers vary from 85 basic poses, to 166 and even over a thousand.

India has made available a list of 1,300 newly registered yoga poses, compiled to prevent the ancient moves from being exploited by patent pirates”, stated the Times of India.

Sri Dharma Mittra, an internationally known yoga teacher is famous for photographing himself in 1,350 asana postures to honor his guru and 908 were used to create the Master Yoga Chart.

What’s so special about asanas?

Asanas create a prana flow, this is the energy that keeps us alive and flows through our body. Every asana has an upward energy and downward energy. Prana and asana. Asanas stimulate and balance this energy flow and remove blockages in the body.

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