Asanas are a mirror for what’s going on in your life. When you practice poses you’re not good at, you can get a lot of insights about your current challenges and blockages.

I used to hate warrior poses because my legs were shaky and I couldn’t find balance. It reflected blockages in my root chakra, as I was feeling a lack of security and stability at that time. I feel more grounded nowadays and I love flowing in powerful warriors now.

What do yoga poses reveal about your unconscious habits and patterns?

Picture by Judith Vandewauw

I don’t like standing poses such as warrior poses or sitting on the floor.

If you have shaky legs like I did in my warrior pose or find it hard to sit still in meditation, this may indicate you have grounding issues such as feeling unsafe, insecure and anxious.

Yoga tips
  • Key here is to create rhythm, structure and repeat sequences.
  • Focus on poses that turn inwards such as malasana (yogic squat) and balasana (child’s pose)
  • Develop strong legs by doing standing poses like utkatasana (chair pose) and utthita hasta padangustashana (extended hand to foot pose) or balancing poses such as vrkasana (tree pose)
  • Practicing the primary ashtanga series may help as it focusses on building that foundational strength in the legs and it lengths the back leg muscles.
Picture by Judith Vandewauw

I don’t like twisting poses 

Poses that twist the upper body interact with the solar plexus as it’s located round your navel. Solar Plexus chakra is all about confidence, ambition and determination in life.

The abdominal region can carry a lot of tension because fear and anxiety can be stored here and can manifest in digestive issues or excess weight around the belly. A tensed abdominal region prevents you from twisting deeper.

If you’re having trouble twisting and connecting to your centre, this may reflect an inability in life to stand for your truth, to deal with life situations and move forward.

Yoga tips
  • Keeping the belly soft and relaxed is important here.
  • The twisting movement comes from the arms and the shoulders and the rest of your upper body follows when opening up.

I don’t like bow pose or chest-opening poses

Bow pose is a back bending pose that opens the chest where the anahata heart chakra is located.

When the chest and shoulder area is tight and hard to open, it may indicate difficulties in relating with other or yourself or opening up to love. Reflect on your relationships with yourself, your partner and your family and see if you are able to connect with them from a space of love compassion, if not, ask yourself why?

Yoga tips

Start with a gentle backbend such as sphinx pose. Lay on your belly, legs are a bit wider than your hips and put your hands in front of your shoulders. Firmly plant the top of your feet in the ground, activate the legs and belly muscles, lift the sternum and your arms are in 90° angles. Lift the hands and use your belly and back muscles to keep lifting the sternum and extend the spine.

Rest in Balasana child’s pose to flex the spine.

Come back onto your belly and this time put your arms next to your body and your hand palms on the ground. Legs are a bit wider than your hips. Inhale, active the legs and belly muscles and lift the sternum, arms and the legs until the thighs off the floor. Handpalms are facing toward your legs.

I don’t like dropping my head back in camel pose or purvottanasana

Dropping your head back opens the Vishuddha throat chakra and discomfort here may indicate communication issues such as speaking your truth, showing yourself to the world, expressing yourself via words, art or other means of communication.

Key here is self-acceptance and love yourself for whatever way you want to express yourself. You deserve to be heard.

Work on the lower chakras such as the root and sacral chakra to overcome fear and the solar plexus will help you feel your personal power and develop the confidence to express yourself.

Twisting your body into all these shapes trigger all kinds of feelings and emotions. This is why we step on the mat every day. To learn more about ourselves, to let go habits and patterns that do not serve us anymore and shed layers to grow into a more light and free version of ourselves.

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