Raise your vibration and deepen your yoga knowledge at the same time by listening to these three amazing podcasts. I love listening to podcasts because it’s the easiest way to surround yourself with inspirational people every day and learn from more experienced yogis. 

3. The Ashtanga Dispatch

If you like to geek out about ashtanga yoga, then Peg Mulqueen is your girl. She has interviewed a the most respected yoga teachers such as Sharath Jois, Saraswati Jois, Tim Feldmann and Kino McGregor. Topics like ashtanga yoga Authorisation, in-dept discussion about guruji and what’s it like to practice in Mysore India are all unraveled in this cool podcast.

Click here to go to The Ashtanga Dispatch website.

2. Divine Throughline

Sri Mati also known as Rich Roll’s better half Julie Piatt, hosts the divine throughline podcast where she shares her musings on what it means to live a life divine. To be honest, it took me a while before I was able to open up to Sri Mati’s message as she uses a lot of the ‘spiritual woo woo’ language if you know what I mean. But rest assured, once you’re open to her perspectives and wisdom, Sri Mati will be one of your greatest teachers.

She’s somebody who wakes up at 4am to meditate and channel music by playing her sitar. She’s a dedicated yoga practitioner and teacher. She’s a mother. She’s a passionate plant-based chef and recently published her best-selling cooking book with all-vegan cheeses ‘This Cheese Is Nuts’. Sri Mati is so aligned with her purpose that it hurts.

Even if you’re allergic to words like ‘energies’ and ‘multidimensional beings’ and ‘solar feminine’, I recommend to give her a chance and I’ll guarantee that Sri Mati will give you so much value in return.

You can listen to Divine Throughline by clicking here. 

1. Yoga revealed

I stumbled upon the Instagram of Alec Vishal Rouben and I immediately had a crush on this dark, funny and handsome yogi. He’s a yoga teacher who travels the world to study with the most dedicated teachers. After following him for a while, I discovered that he also has a podcast and boy, is this a gem!

What I love about this podcast is that it provides so much value for yoga teachers and yogis. I’ve learned loads about teaching and applying yoga to day-to-day life by listening to the interviews. In a very laid back and funny way, Alec dig deeps in yoga philosophy, teaching healing, living the yoga lifestyle, tantra, bandha and the many paths of yoga such as bhakti.

There are almost a 100 podcasts uploaded right now and I’ve even been going back to listen to the old podcasts, because they are all so good!

The Yoga revealed podcasts are in-depts interviews with super inspirational people such as Richard Freeman, Psalm Isadora, Eddie Modestini, JP Sears, Govind Das, Dj Drez, Maty Azraty, Waylon Lewis of Elephant Journal, Rachel Brathen Yoga_Girl and many more.

Click here to check out the Yoga Revealed podcast.

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