Private Online Yoga Classes for working girls & hustlers: 1 month


The 1 month private online yoga package consists of 4 online sessions guided via a video call. They’re scheduled every week when it’s convenient for you. This means that you’ll pay €50 per class instead of €69. Every class includes a mantra, breathing exercises, yoga sequence, a PDF with an outline of the class and a recording of the session so you can practice on your own as well. Guided in Dutch or English.

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The 1 month private online yoga package consists of 4 online sessions guided via a video call. They’re scheduled every week when it’s convenient for you. This means that you’ll pay €60 per class instead of €69. Every class includes breathing exercise and yoga sequence. Guided in Dutch or English.

Are you 😶

  • At work the whole day and can’t make it to a yoga studio at night?
  • Always on the move, travelling, working and exploring?
  • Clueless about yoga poses?
  • In a country where there are no good yoga studios?
  • Overwhelmed when seeing all the yoga videos on Youtube?
  • Looking to develop a yoga practice that fits your unconventional lifestyle?
Picture by Christin Hume via Unsplash

Working with a private online yoga teacher is the best way to start with yoga because

  • You can practice whenever and wherever you want with a teacher*
  • You’re held accountable by practicing with a teacher in a live sessions
  • You can ask questions and receive immediate feedback
  • You can develop a consistent practice while being on the road or in a busy lifestyle
  • You don’t have to think about poses or sequences, every week you will experience a new class
  • Practice in the comfort of your own home, hotel, Airbnb or hostel, wherever you have a wifi connection
  • You’ll be able to flood your instagram feed with cool yoga pictures 😉
  • You’ll learn the tools and skills to eventually have a home yoga practice
  • You’ll experience the benefits of a yoga practice such as increased focus, grounded and centred feeling, a toned body and a feeling of flowing effortless through life. 

*Conditions may apply such as availability of the teacher. Sessions must be scheduled 1 week before the class.

Picture by Avrielle Suleiman

What you get 🤝

  • 1 hour live yoga class via videochat (+ – 15 minutes Q&A)
  • A recording of the class so you can practice the sequence the rest of the week.
  • Personal guidance
  • A copy of my ebook The Adiyogini’s Guide To A Home Yoga Practice (worth €30)

Why practice with me?


I’ve been doing meditation since 2013 and consistently practicing dynamic yoga styles such as vinyasa, ashtanga and hatha since 2016. I know what it is like to be on the road and live a busy lifestyle, I’ve been there myself! When you have someone that is able to guide one on one through your yoga practice, you will feel so supported and grow so much in a short period of time. I love working with travellers, digital nomads and hustlers who are attracted to yoga but don’t know where to start. Together we’ll do a fun and nourishing yoga practice that works on all levels of the body: physically, spiritually and energetic. 

What you need 💻

  • Computer or smartphone with a camera
  • Internet connection
  • Yoga mat

Pricing (incl. taxes)

1 month (4 sessions): €200 (€50 per class)

Sessions must be paid in advance and missed classes will not be refunded. Rescheduling is possible, within the timeframe. If you purchased a 1 month pack on 1 January for instance, all sessions must be scheduled (also missed sessions) before 1 March.

If you don’t show up 10 minutes after the start of the online class, the class is cancelled.


This morning I had the MOST AMAZING YOGA SESSION today with Isabelle  It was my first time having an online yoga class and I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I enjoyed EVERY MINUTE of it!

Isabelle has such a calm and serene voice that relaxed me so much during our session and I absolutely loved how she would correct my posture, show me step-by-step how to get into poses and how she customized my class today based on what I wanted.

I’ve been focusing heavily on doing heart healing since the beginning of the year and today’s heart chakra flow REALLY opened me up in some places that needed expansion.

Thanks so much Isabelle for your time today, for your patience and care and for even answering the questions I had for you at the end. You are truly a talented teacher and I KNOW you’re going to touch so many lives with your unique energy and soul!

Stef Ventura (Peru)

Stef Ventura (Peru)

I have done my morning routine now 3 weeks in a row and your book truly inspired me! I never thought of doing an intuitive home yoga practice in the morning. I always thought I need to have a proper plan and proper poses.

Janie Petersen (Australia)

Janie Petersen (Australia)

Founder of Healing Harts Studio

The Adiyogini’s e-book came to me at the perfect time. When you haven’t practiced yoga in months, you start to question how to get back into it and self-doubt gets the best of you. I especially love how practical this e-book is– how easy it is to follow along and more importantly, that Isabelle offers you real-life examples of how to get back on the mat. She is relatable and makes you feel like you, too, are capable of being a badass yogi. The exercises in the e-book called for lots of introspection and allowed me to pinpoint some bad habits that were preventing me from reaching my full potential. Since reading her e-book, I have gotten back on my mat and even managed to meditate. I am proud of myself but I truly believe that Isabelle facilitated this transition and inspired me to believe in myself again. Thank you!

Mandy (Canada)

Mandy (Canada)

Blogger at NomadicStoryteller
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