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Human Design Chart

Human design is a system for inner-personal development that will make your life more easy and meaningful. Developed by Ra Uru Hu, it brings together astrology, the chakra system and i-ching to create a unique chart that says what role you play on this planet, how you can make decisions that are aligned with your True Self, what personality you have, how you contribute to society and what your life purpose is.

A full human design reading costs €175 and contains:
  • Your Type, strategy and authority
  • Outline of your defined and undefined centres and to what personal characteristics and physical aspects they are coupled. 
  • Your profile: what role are you supposed to play on this planet in this lifetime
  • Your life purpose: the potential to fulfil your purpose. When you start living as your ‘real’ self, this will naturally unfold and emerge. 
  • Overview of your channels: I will reveal what potential you consciously and subconsciously have to serve this world.
  • Overview of your active gates: what themes play a role in your life? It reveals in what areas you can contribute in a unique and original way.
Isabelle The Adiyogini

Book your session now via Isabelle@TheAdiyogini.com

You will receive:

  • A PDF with your human design chart, a personalised reading and exercises to start living according to your design.
  • A one on one session where I go over your chart and explain how you can start living according to your human design  + Q&A ( takes between 60 en 90 minutes)
  • Example Chart English
  • Voorbeeldchart NL
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