‘Isa, how do you make time every day to roll out your mat and do yoga? I love doing yoga as it makes me feel great, but after work I can’t find the energy to do it.’

The most common question I receive is about how to do yoga at home and how to commit to a consistent practice. I’ve even wrote a whole book about it to help people step on their mat and practice an aspect of yoga every day at home.

Be honest with yourself. What takes up most time of your life right now? Social media? Watching TV? Shopping?

The key word here is: priority. You have to make yoga a priority. This means that you will have to juggle your schedule and skip things that aren’t your priority. Be honest with yourself. What takes up most time of your life right now? Social media? Watching TV? Shopping?

I don’t know what people waste their time on nowadays as I’ve consciously cut out things in my life the last couple of years that weren’t serving me to make SPACE for the things that do matter.

Meditation. Yoga. Healthy eating. Moving my body. Connecting with like-minded people. Creative expression.

What I’ve learned is that it doesn’t matter how much you’re working or packed your schedule is. If it matters to you, you WILL find time to do it. I know people who work a full-time job, wake up at 4:30 and drive to the yoga studio to do ashtanga at 6:00.

Secondly, let go of all the expectations you’ve created around your yoga practice.

Accept that in the morning you won’t be as flexible compared to your body in the evening.

Accept that you don’t always have to do dynamic yoga styles, if your body wants stillness, practice yin yoga for instance.

There are many different ways to practice yoga every day, one of them is asana but the other ones are for instance breathing exercises (pranayama), mediation (dhyana).

Accept that you won’t always feel great on the mat.

Yoga is a mirror.

A way for you to get insights about what blockages, limiting beliefs and patterns you’re carrying around.

Yoga doesn’t start when you’re on the mat. It’s always happening. Become conscious of the thoughts that yoga triggers.

If you’re always tired, you may be working too much. You may not be nourishing your body with whole plant foods. You may not be sleeping enough. When you practice yoga, you also practice Yama and Niyama: moral restraints and sustaining practices. Moderation, self-discipline are part of this.

There’s much more to cover on this topic and I will come on later today in The Adiyogini’s conscious club to talk about this in a live stream. Click here to become a member of this group full of passionate yogis who practice yoga for growth and transformation.

If you want to kickstart your home yoga practice, check out The Adiyogini’s guide to a home yoga practice here.

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