To balance like a boss, change just this one thing! I couldn’t believe it was this easy.

“Step in the front of your mat, shift your weight to the left foot and lift the right knee into the chest”. My standing leg starts to shake and I’m wobbling like a drunk Pinguin from left to right.

Balancing yoga poses were absolutely NOT my strong point. I never understood why some people were able to stand there firm and grounded, while stretching and lifting the leg from side to side.

I tried:

  • Leaning back to stay up
  • Using core muscles to stay up
  • Bending the knee of the standing leg
  • Bending the knee of the lifted leg
  • Hands in the waist
  • Arms extended

But my balance was always way off.

Until my teacher, Elsie from AntwerpYoga, taught us THE SECRET.

What most people do in balancing poses is:

Focus on the limbs: catching the toe and stretching out the arm for instance.

Because your awareness is on the distal ends of your limbs, your body will gravitate to your focal point. In other words, your body will go all over the place.

Yoga balancing pose: nataranjasana
Yoga balancing pose: nataranjasana

Now, shift your awareness from the distal ends of your limbs, to the pelvic area of the Muladhara and svadhisthana chakra. Keeping the focus on the lower pelvis, extend the leg from the centre of your body.

Whatever you do, don’t think of your feet or toes. Stay with yourself, your centre. Relax the upper body. And, tadaaa you’re balancing!

Balancing yoga pose Virabhadrasana 3
Balancing yoga pose Virabhadrasana 3


To sum up: focus on your root and sacral chakra area and don’t think of your limbs.

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