Food is used for entertainment, distraction, comfort, socialising, identifying and many other things.

Anything except nourishment.

In this seven part blog series I’ll reveal:

  1. How to eat consciously, intuitively and mindfully
  2. How to stop binging
  3. How to achieve sustainable weight loss
  4. How to switch to a healthy plant-based diet
  5. How to fast in a healthy and effortless way
  6. How to deal with the emotions that come up when switching to a conscious diet
  7. What to do after a binge eating episode

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Before we get started I want to make clear where I’m coming from.

I remember the days where my diet was the same thing every day: coffee, sandwiches with cheese, pasta bolognese with some veggies and more cheese. I was tired, my weight fluctuated. I was clueless about diet or how much to eat. I was just eating the way how I learned to eat.

When I was in high school and college, I lived a very unhealthy life. I’d smoke cigarettes, drank alcohol and used party drugs. I was very skinny because I just didn’t eat, but drank alcohol, smoked and suppressed my appetite with drugs.

After 5 years of partying and taking drugs, I was done with the scene. I studied abroad in Denmark and quit drugs. But I still smoked and drank alcohol. A lot. Because I was clueless about food and calories, I ended up eating and drinking a lot, because I didn’t have drugs anymore to suppress my appetite. I saw myself gaining weight and I couldn’t understand why. But I was eating oatmeal for breakfast, then at 10am I had a cheese sandwich, then lunchtime, more bread and dinner time was a heavy meal with more cheese and meat. And night I drank alcohol. I think I was easily consuming over 3000 calories every day.

2013. Drinking a lot of alcohol.

This is where my journey to health and food started in 2014. I started researching online diets and stumbled upon a vegan youtuber (It was Freelee The Banana Girl if you’re wondering ;))  who was skinny and was eating massive amounts of fruits and vegetables. I was mesmerised and fascinated that someone could be so skinny and eat so much. I saw all her videos about veganism and why it’s not ok to eat animals for our health, the planet and the animals. It was as if all the pieces of the puzzle fell together and I decided to go vegan.

I got Neil Bernard’s book, the 21- day vegan kickstart program and followed the guidelines. I felt great! I had so much energy, I was losing weight, I was saving animals and helping the planet. But then I switched to the high calorie and sugar diet of the vegan Youtuber. I got acne, gained weight again despite me exercising a lot. I’d go back to eating ‘normal’ vegan: less fruit, more veggies and beans, I’d lose weight, my skin cleared up and I felt better again.

Acne on a vegan diet
2014. This is me, 3 months into a vegan high fruit diet. Face covered in acne.

But every year I’d gain and lose weight. I was eating the cleanest diet there was, and still I had these weight fluctuations. There was something that I was missing. Fast forward to 2017, when I was deep diving in the paths of meditation, yoga, plant-medicine, journalling and self-development. Through all these practices, I became very aware of my habits and I used self-inquiry to understand why I did certain things.

After quitting drugs, cigarettes, alcohol, weed, animal products, junk food, mindless consumption of entertainment, there wasn’t a lot left for me to numb my feelings with. Except for food. It became very apparent that I was using food to comfort myself and avoid certain emotions as I was gaining weight and observed myself guzzling down food while I wasn’t hungry.

I started learning about emotional eating through books like Women, Food and God and The Yoga Of Eating. The 8 folded path of yoga showed me guidelines on how to eat and inspired me to eat more mindfully. Whenever the binging comes up, I now take time to see what part of me I’m ignoring and why I feel I have to resort to food. It’s a slow process but every day I’m peeling away layers of suppressed emotions and releasing them.

Now I feel that I’ve got this message to share. About why we eat. About what food we eat. About how we eat. I believe that shining light on these issues, will help people break their attachments to addictive processed foods and animal products. Becoming aware is the first step to changing your life. It’s not about the food. It’s about how you eat and why you eat it.


Embarking on this food journey is some deep inner work. Food is a primary need and connected to feelings of survival, which can be very intense. You will be confronted with some deep and dark emotions that you’ve avoided for a while.

Just remember that it’s not about the food. The food is just a tool that you use to not feel certain things. It’s about you, who you are and what parts of yourself you are ignoring.

It’s very important to meditate, do yoga and other mindful practices to help you through this journey. If necessary reach out to me for guidance and coaching via

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