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As a coach I teach you how to do inner work and release blocks in your body through journalling, meditation and breathing exercises in one on one sessions.

The goal of my coaching service is to allow you to connect with the intelligence of your body and discover your internal navigation system that will always guide you in the right direction.

I want to let you experience what it is like to release emotions and beliefs that are holding you back from living your truth. You will feel lighter and enter a space of expansion. In this space you feel that you are finally able to breathe and be yourself.

Typically, we start with an intake conversation where I pinpoint the things that are most pressing for you to work on right now.

Then I give you ‘homework’ which are journalling exercises where we will gain insight in what blocks are holding you back. During the one on one sessions I will intuitively feel what is necessary: a guided meditation, yoga exercises, energy healing or breath work.

I see so many people struggling, pushing and being frustrated. Work isn’t satisfying them, relationships don’t work out and they just feel lost. Life doesn’t have to be like this. You can also live in flow and become more grounded and enjoy life to the fullest.

Simply drop me a line via isabelle@theadiyogini.com, The Adiyogini on Facebook or add me as a friend

Pricing: €99 per hour

Book your session now via Isabelle@TheAdiyogini.com

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