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The Adiyogini’s guide to a home yoga practice

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I am very happy to say that Isabelle’s ebook prompted me to finally, REALLY start a home yoga practice! I highly recommend the ebook to all yogis no matter experience level!

Eve (Germany)

From Embodiedself.love

The Adiyogini’s e-book came to me at the perfect time. When you haven’t practiced yoga in months, you start to question how to get back into it and self-doubt gets the best of you. I especially love how practical this e-book is– how easy it is to follow along and more importantly, that Isabelle offers you real-life examples of how to get back on the mat. She is relatable and makes you feel like you, too, are capable of being a badass yogi. The exercises in the e-book called for lots of introspection and allowed me to pinpoint some bad habits that were preventing me from reaching my full potential. Since reading her e-book, I have gotten back on my mat and even managed to meditate. I am proud of myself but I truly believe that Isabelle facilitated this transition and inspired me to believe in myself again. Thank you!

Mandy (Canada)

Blogger at NomadicStoryteller

I have done my morning routine now 3 weeks in a row and your book truly inspired me! I never thought of doing an intuitive home yoga practice in the morning. I always thought I need to have a proper plan and proper poses.

Janie Petersen (Australia)

Founder of Healing Harts Studio
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